Monday, 28 January 2013

Another try out

Someone told me that if you want to get distance in your artwork then have the darker shade in the foreground moving to lighter shade in the background, whoops I got it the wrong way around and my picture looks like night time - this was just a tinker around which (waste not want not) I turned into a card for my friend - as it happens she loved it,  so remember.......

there are NO MISTAKES IN ART - just maybe happy accidents!!

Weekend Working

Well after the snow came the sunshine and I started my new art journal - I really am a novice but my best friend Jackie sent me a great book with 1000 pages of Art Journals - wow what an is my first attempt

I think my learning early on is try not to over think it and remember what you see could be different from what is seen by others (if you show them) also going back the next day and adding or changing in someway is ok, fun to do and I'm looking forward to this year of exploring my creativity

Up, Up and away

Here is a quick card to mark my brothers birthday (when he saw it he thought I had brought him a balloon ride!! whoops - easy mistake to make)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ridiculous - no posting since October!! I cannot believe how time flies past - I have been crafting but not taken the time to post anything and I cannot even blame the good weather for taking me out into the garden - what have I been doing with myself!!

This year I am promising myself, (and anyone who follows my blog), to do much better and try and post at least 1 card/scrapbook page/journal page eaach month so we can see how I do.