Wednesday, 2 October 2013

WOYWW Messy Desk

Sorry -  hopelessly late with my link this week - it's been a full on few days. Yesterday was Mum's birthday and what you see is the mess of a VERY last minute card.....the reason??                            My friend Jackie and I were on a weekend of Art Journaling  a workshop with fabulous Kate Crane , what an amazing weekend, day 1 we played with paints and day 2 with inks - we had lots of fun but am only posting 1 picture as time is of the essence

Nearly forgot.......yummy afternoon tea at Betty's - here are the before and after pics

Thanks for stopping by....have a good week x

Friday, 20 September 2013


Today I looked out the window and realised Autumn is on it's way, this season reminds me of closing down the garden, the first frost is on the way and steaming pumpkin soup .....

I made this card with Stampin Up Scene in a garden stamps which just remind me of Autumn, I used cream hammer card for the base from  the card makes a really strong base especially if you are going to add layers.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


This week I seem to be in a reflective mood and have been thinking about how quickly time passes, WOYWW seems to roll around before you know it - I am grateful to Julia at for making me more aware of the passage of time, wanting to fit more creative things in and the buzz we all get from sharing.

Today and it seems appropriately on my workspace is the start of a clock face - this is a first for me and in my usual style I am pondering (procrastinating??) on how to decorate and thinking where should it go once it's finished (ha ha barely started!!)

I seem to have so many paints and stamps I am spoilt for choice which is sometimes the very thing that stops me.
Maybe I'll just drink my tea and have a wander around your crafty space for inspiration.....

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


WOYWW???? Not much.......I have had a massive clear up since finishing the album ready for some Geli Plate crafting and a couple of birthday cards I must do.......

anyway off to look at Julia's stampinground to see much more interesting offers!! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Album

Hi folks,

Yippee........yes, you guessed it the Wedding Album is complete, I am so grateful to my good friend Jackie (check her out at, Jackie is a keen scrap booker, her work is beautiful and often published. As a card maker I resisted the world of scrapping until Jackie presented me with an empty wedding album and encouraged me to use my wedding snaps to make the album for my sister. So this has been my first attempt and I have enjoyed the process - over time I have been less worried about the perfect picture or perfect page and learnt to enjoy telling the story and remembering the events of the lead up to the day as well as the day, if I had my time again I would do some pages differently but the learning curve has been phenomenal and if you are thinking about doing an album I would recommend you have a go and not be afraid of the 12 x 12 page!

My sister and brother in law celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary in September (No ...I haven't taken 10 years to do 1 album but it has felt like that at times)

I have had several comments asking to see if finished article - so here it finally is........

 I covered up the RSVP address here before photographing

My nephew has been interested and excited about this album, he wanted the final page to say ...."and then .......along came the prince" I have adapted that slightly and managed to find a Christmas picture for each year since his arrival

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Wednesday comes around so quickly but thanks to Julia at Stamping-Ground it's a good opportunity to see what everyone has been up to, if you don't know who I mean then check out

Firstly thank you so much to all who left very encouraging and complimentary comments about my canvas - I had a thank you card from my friend yesterday and you were all correct - she absolutely loved it and I am so pleased you all gave me the confidence to give it to her.

Anyway, onto this weeks messy desk - ...........

We have here one of the final pages of my sisters wedding album, many months in the making I have just 2 pages left to complete. You may also spy my newly acquired stash from Stamperama a couple of weeks ago (been too busy to play or tidy away), lovely new stamps from Indigo Blu, new stencils for the Geli plate from Barbara Gray and a lovely Cath Kidston Antistatic bag which my good friend Jackie bought for me.

Work has been too busy lately so crafting time has been scarce but 3 day weekend coming up so watch this space!!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit Julia

Thursday, 8 August 2013

What lies beyond ....

I've just been scrolling through a few photos and found these two

It was one of those super hot days a couple of weeks ago and yes you guessed it.......the North Sea is just beyond, it's amazing the things that grow in harsh conditions and I felt inspired to capture nature as I am sure there is a card/scrapbook page/tag or something that will come along soon

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


There has been mad clear up of everything from my dining room table to the craft room as I had a friend calling for coffee this morning and would have been ashamed for him to see my creative mess - so it all got thrown into the craft room with the door firmly closed on the chaos.

Clearing up this evening,.....maybe....possibly......

What have I been doing lately? I attended a workshop with Jo Firth Young (JOFY) if you don't have any of her stamps then check them out - I have been inspired to make a picture for a friends birthday

I realise I still have some way to go in my painting technique and as is so often the case I am filled with self doubt about whether it's good enough to give to someone, but she is a fellow crafter and I know will appreciate the effort even if it's not perfect.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Hello WOYWW followers, a bit late with my link today the week goes so fast Wednesday already - and no clearing up done in my craft room since finishing my card
amongst the debris you will see my lovely new stamps from JOFY, they are great to use and stamp a fantastically clear and detailed image. That's it for now - have a good week stampers!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mothers Day

My first attempt at a chipboard bookcard for Mothers Day

And a closer look......

I used a Heartfelt Creations Stamp with peeled paint distress ink -
pulled the colour out with a damp brush
Small canvas butterflies coloured with distress inks
Quite a simple one, the paper had the bird printed on it already so I chose to anchor it on a branch and give it a destination
This was my favorite page - JOFY stamps (new) with PaperArtsy Fresco Paints, really easy to use and the finished article looks great
Finally a simple sentiment with a heartfelt creations stamp - My Mum is a wonderful Mum and she is my best fan (and also best critic) of all my creations - she said this was in her top 10 so I am happy.x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


My work space this week doesn't really demonstrate my great crafting weekend as I decamped to the dining room!! but thought I would show the trail left behind. Had a lovely weekend scrapbooking with my friend Jackie on Saturday then spending at the Stamperama on Sunday.

This is a page for my sisters Wedding Album which is coming deadline of the 10th Anniversary in September looms and I just know it will be here soon so I did 3 pages but only finished one completely which is here.........

I really love the picture of my Mum and her best friend Shirley. Shirley (in pink) sadly passed away at the end of last year and is really missed, it was so lovely looking at the photos of them both and remembering them on the Hen night.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Nearly the weekend

Yippeee.....nearly the weekend and what a treat we have in store, crafting with a friend all day Saturday, really must get some pages for the wedding scrapbook done the STAMPERAMA at Stevenage on Sunday and an opportunity to collect more crafty stash.

Meanwhile it's just started snowing here - YUK!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my WOYWW, lots of questions about Bumping - if you want to know more check out PaperArtsy You Tube for a great demonstration.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Oh what fun we had making this creative mess! My friend Jackie came for a few days and on the way over picked up my order from Capture the Magic at Soham of PaperArtsy Fresco paints, so armed with about 20 new colours we set off on our painting extravaganzer...........

We had a go at some new techniques,  "bumping" was one of them, we tried and tried but could not seem to get the look we were after, until,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yes, you guessed it, I cleaned my mask on scrap paper with a baby wipe and lo and behold "BUMPING"!!
Overall I had great fun and recommend it. But watch out if you get the bug it's all consuming and cards/scrapbooking go by the wayside.



I spent some time with my nephew on Friday - he loves playing making robots and is always ready for a photo opportunity for me to add to his scrapbook

We were talking about journalling and he has been saying to his Mum he NEEDS a journal - is almost 5years too early to start your creativity? His birthday is coming up so a journal is certainly on the list for him

Monday, 28 January 2013

Another try out

Someone told me that if you want to get distance in your artwork then have the darker shade in the foreground moving to lighter shade in the background, whoops I got it the wrong way around and my picture looks like night time - this was just a tinker around which (waste not want not) I turned into a card for my friend - as it happens she loved it,  so remember.......

there are NO MISTAKES IN ART - just maybe happy accidents!!

Weekend Working

Well after the snow came the sunshine and I started my new art journal - I really am a novice but my best friend Jackie sent me a great book with 1000 pages of Art Journals - wow what an is my first attempt

I think my learning early on is try not to over think it and remember what you see could be different from what is seen by others (if you show them) also going back the next day and adding or changing in someway is ok, fun to do and I'm looking forward to this year of exploring my creativity